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Predefined sets

We offer complete UI solutions for your games.

Attention to detail

Each set is executed with pixel precision and professional touch.

Easily editable

The content in our sets is well-organized and very accessible to editing.
Cyber Shot | FREE
Assets: 60+
Battleship | FREE
Assets: 50+
Invasion | FREE
Assets: 50+
Dungeon Green | FREE
Assets: 90+
Fantasy Fighters
Assets: 70+ | Price: 20 $
Nova Spaceship
Assets: 90+ | Price: 15 $
War Zone
Assets: 70+ | Price: 15 $
Elven Path
Assets: 60+ | Price: 15 $
Hero Lands
Assets: 70+ | Price: 15 $
Last King
Assets: 70+ | Price: 15 $
Assets: 90+ | Price: 15 $
Ninja Clan
Assets: 80+ | Price: 15 $
Order of the Scull
Assets: 80+ | Price: 15 $
Order of the Scull
Assets: 70+ | Price: 15 $
Assets: 75+ | Price: 15 $
Toxic Green
Assets: 90+ | Price: 20 $
Troll Nest
Assets: 70+ | Price: 15 $
Assets: 85+ | Price: 15 $
Lucky Seven
Assets: 70+ | Price: 15 $
VooDoo Things
Assets: 70+ | Price: 25 $

Can't find a suitable UI set for your game?

UI Fabrica is part of Studio Punchev - one of the best studios for custom game UI. Make an inquiry:

About UI Fabrica:

UIFABRICA.com is part of Studio Punchev LLC. We believe in the power of custom interface design. Our goal is to provide high-quality and affordable UI for the indie development companies in the industry.

Our sets are carefully designed and optimized for mobile projects.

About Studio Punchev:

Founded in 2017 by Sergey Punchev, our studio has proved to be one of the few studios concentrated in outsourcing high-quality UI/UX for games. We are a tight-knit group of accomplished, multidisciplinary designers who share a passion for high-quality UI and UX design. With more than 75 years of collective experience, we’ve delivered top 2D designs to more than 120 clients, such as SONY, CRYTEK, GAMELOFT, IGG, HASBRO, NICKELODEON, NETFLIX, KONGREGATE, and many more. Check out our projects here!

Check out our projects here!

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