UI Fabrica is part of Studio Punchev, a well-known studio in the game industry for custom UI/UX. If you don’t find a predefined set suiting your needs, you can purchase a custom UI. Studio Punchev is one of a few studios worldwide dedicated entirely to creating UI/UX solutions for games. With more than 120 executed projects for clients such as SONY, CRYTEK, GAMELOFT, IGG, HASBRO, NICKELODEON, and many more, your project will most definitely be in good hands.

UI Art Production

Do you want a complete interface design with a consistent style? We will take care of it.FIND MORE »

UX Planning & Design

If you have a problem with the design of your interface and you want to leave it in the safe hands of professionals – just contact us. We will be happy to help you.FIND MORE »

UI Unity Implementation

We will make sure our design is carefully implemented and prepared for your code.FIND MORE »

Branding and Logo Design

We will create a high-quality professional logo for your game. Check our portfolio for examples:FIND MORE »

UI Animations

We can bring your interface to life by creating visually appealing and dynamic animations.FIND MORE »

Custom Iconography

Each individual icon in our UI is carefully built and created especially for your needs.FIND MORE »


Games we have helped with UI/UX or Branding!


Games we have helped with UI/UX or Branding!


Our work is broadly seen!

Custom game branding

We know the importance of a good logo for your game.
Studio Punchev specializes in the creation of custom logos, along with building the entire brand identity for games. We believe that good logos are important when it comes to:

Instant recognition in online stores.

Easily distinguishable and memorable imagery for players and potential users.

Presentation on marketing materials.

Custom Iconography

If you are in need of a big amount of icons for your game, our talented artists will do the heavy lifting for you!

Our team is one of the best you can find for creating consistent images, regardless of their quantity. With over 10 000 designed icons for a variety of games, we have the experience needed to facilitate your work and to create state-of-the-art iconography for your game. Whether you need 100 or 1000 icons - we've got you covered.